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In sling shoot set the mouse pointer on buzzard and click for shooting maximum number of buzzards in the given time duration. The number of killed buzzards gives the score.
2,223 Times Played
Target Practice
Test your target practice skills with this game.
670 Times Played
The game concept is to hunt the maximum number of birds without losing the lives using the arrow keys for directing the bird and space bar for releasing the bow on to the bird. The number of birds hunted gives the score.
982 Times Played
You are the only one survivor, now you creating the battle field!
1,321 Times Played
Data Miner 2
Sequel to popular arcade. You are a data thief that moved to new city and started to steal unsecured data of big companies.
1,131 Times Played
In Race Mania your one and only goal is to beat the time. Race the laps as fast as possible.
659 Times Played
Kill The Voodoo Doll
If you need for relaxation, play in this game. Imagine your boss on place of the doll and let's shoot!.. Shoot in different parts of a body of a doll!.. Who is your Voodoo Doll?
297 Times Played
Tank Tantrum
This game centers around a tank that is driving through a city and destroying opposing helicopters
743 Times Played
Kaardion by
Kaardion is a clone of famous classic game Arkanoid! Control your spaceship through ten levels! by
273 Times Played
AE Targets
Try to knock down all shooting marks. More accurate you hit them — more points you get.
593 Times Played